(Sport)injury treatment

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Running Solutions specialises in preventing and treating all kinds of injuries. By focusing on your specific sport and pattern of movement, we can get you back to full fitness in no-time.


After an initial intake appointment, we will carry out a static movement test of your muscles and joints, and film you while doing your sport. We then use the results of these tests to compile a thorough analysis of your strong and weak points. You receive a clear (paramedical) diagnosis of the cause of your injury (or injuries).


Our treatment aims to improve movement in injured muscles and/or joints. The strength and coordination exercises we give you are specially designed for your individual needs so that you learn to recognise and train your weaknesses. We then translate this to your specific area of sport or movement, enabling you to integrate the improvements directly into your pattern of movements.


Once you have regained your former fitness level, we want to make sure you stay there. We will give you specific exercises and tips to keep your body free from injuries. Our after-care is designed to help you give your body the right ‘instructions’ so that you don’t fall back into your old patterns of movement.

Specialized in running
Experience from the world top
Both injury and preventive treatment
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