Running tips

Running injury in your marathon preparation?

Running injury in your marathon preparation? The spring marathons are coming up and that means that all marathon runners are in full preparations. During the many training sessions for the marathon, the chances of an injury are always present, you train a lot, make longer runs than normal and your body gets tired. Prevent a […]

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Foot stability for runners

Last van vermoeide voeten tijdens het hardlopen? Pijn aan de hiel? Zakken jou enkels naar binnen tijdens het rennen? Of heb jij platvoeten? Lees dan snel verder en vind de oplossing voor deze problemen, namelijk voetstabiliteit!

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Train a high stride frequency

Train a high stride frequency Do you suffer from knee problems, shinsplints or do you not succeed in getting faster? A high pass frequency can help reduce this! During the many running analyses that we make at Running Solutions, we often encounter the same problems: runners who have a ‘too’ long stride lenght at a […]

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Treatment and prevention of blisters

Treatment and prevention of blisters Every runner has suffered from it, blisters. Blisters are often painful and can ensure that running does not go well anymore. It is therefore important to prevent them, but if they are there then the correct treatment of the blister is essential. How do you get blisters? Blisters arise as […]

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Running comes from the hips

Running comes from the hips At Running Solutions we have a lot of experience in working with elite marathon runners. If you look at Wilson Kipsang or Dennis Kimetto during their marathons, you can immediately see that they have a different running style than most recreational runners. They fly over the streets as if they […]

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Human Tecar

Human Tecar Thanks to our work with the world elites in marathon runners, we have the Human Tecar at our disposal, which we can now use at Running Solutions for all recreational or subtop runners. The Human Tecar is an innovation within the world of injury recovery. We use the Human Tecar for muscle complaints, […]

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Faster recovery after the Marathon!

Faster recovery after the Marathon! Faster recovery after the marathon with Human Tecar! We at Running Solutions think it is great that you have participated in a full or half marathon, so we want to give you a discount on presentation of your starting certificate of the (half) marathon! The recovery treatment with the Human […]

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Midportion achilles tendon pain

Midportion achillestendon pain As you can read complaints in the general blog about Achilles tendon, there are several types of Achilles tendon complaints. This article is only about the midportate achilles tendon tendinopathy. Mid-achilles tendon complaints are located in the narrow part of the Achilles tendon between 2 and 7cm above the heel bone. As […]

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Insertion achilles tendinopathie

Achilles tendon complaints on heel bone (insertion complaints) As you can read in the general blog about achilles tendon complaints, there are different types of Achilles tendon complaints. This article is only about the insertion Achilles tendon tendinopathy. It is important to differentiate with other types of achilles tendon complaints because the treatment is different! […]

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Achilles tendon pain

Achillestendon pain Achilles tendon pain is a common complaints with runners. The complaints are often long-term and very difficult to treat. You often see that runners do not know what to do. In this article you will get an explanation about how the complaints arise, what different forms there are and what you do and […]

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Dynamic Warming-up

Dynamic Warmin-up A good warm-up is important for every runner. This ensures that you prepare the muscles well for the training that is coming and the risk of injuries decreases. Many people use static stretching as a warming up. At Running Solutions we do not recommend this for the training. We believe that this could […]

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Resistance bands exercises

No time for strength training? Want to reduce the changes off injury? Try adding the exercises with resistance bands below to your training plan.

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