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Running programs

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Benefits of a personal running program


A made-to-measure running program, based on your current running level, track record of races and times, training history and personal goals.

Customised coaching

Personal feedback via e-mail or WhatsApp throughout the training period.

Lower risk of injuries

Balanced progression in exertion, adapted to your current level. Diminished risk of injuries.

Faster times

Varied and balanced training sessions, designed to improve (accelerate) your basic running pace and PBs.

Heart rate

Use of heart rate zones to ensure specific, well-balanced training.

Adaptable to your own schedule

Flexible programs that take account of your personal lifestyle and plans. You decide which days you want to train.

Need advice?

Are you beginning with running and want to start smart? Reduce the changes of injury and make an appointment for an analysis and advice. In this meeting we will look at the way you are now training and where there is room for improvement. After this meeting you can start yourself or you can get a personal running program to get to your goals injury free.

Specialized in running
Experience from the world top
Both injury and preventive treatment
Perform as quickly as possible again
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