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Would you like to improve your coordination and running technique? With the running training from Running Solutions you easily increase the fun of running!

Individual running training

having a good running posture is difficult. At Running Solutions we therefore provide customized running training. During this running training we not only answer all your questions but we also deal with complaints and problems. In addition, we take the time to observe your running style and give you practical give tips, that you can apply during your running sessions. This training takes 1 to 2 hours, depending on your needs.

Small group training

Do you ever go running with friends? Then it can be fun to put one together run session With a small group session from Running Solutions you not only get valuable advice but you also perform various exercises together. This professional training also gives you a good basis for future running sessions and less chance of any injuries. Our running training courses are also suitable as an teambuilding training for a small company. To keep it personal, we provide these trainings to groups of up to five people.


Looking for a sporty day for your department or team? With a running training for groups up to 40 people from Running Solutions you improve the running technique and increase the pleasure in running. We provide concrete and clear explanations about the most important points of running, including exercise, technique and coordination. This explanation is also supplemented with exercises that help you improve the running technique. This makes the training suitable for both beginners and advanced runners.

Want to know more about our running training?

Want to know more about running training with Running Solutions? Call us 06 50 63 05 10 or use our contact form The prices of the trainings depend on the group size, duration and requirements of the booker.