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Are you planning to participate in a running event? Successful participation in a running event requires strict planning and good preparation. In addition to customized solutions in the form of running programs Running Solutions offers running clinics, training for groups of up to 40 people, where explanation is given about technique, exercise and coordination. In addition, practical exercises are done to improve the running technique. Obtaining a good running technique depends on several factors and therefore the running technique needs to be looked at with a sharp eye. With a diverse and professional team, Running Solutions can perfectly prepare everyone for his or her running competition!

A common goal optimally motivates you!

When there is a common goal, a group of people can motivate each other to achieve that goal. Running Solutions offers running clinics for groups of up to 40 people, with whom everyone will go away as a winner. Whether the goal is to run a marathon or the achievement of the 1the place. During our running clinic we provide information on techniques, exercise and coordination, among other things. As soon as the explanation is over, we immediately put the knowledge into practice by doing exercises to improve your walking technique. Running together for a goal delivers the highest results, making our 1 to 2-hour running clinic an excellent preparation preparation. In addition to a clinic, we also offer other options. You can also request individual training or train with a small group. View our full offer of running training for more information

Running Solutions offers experience from working in elite sports

Running Solutions consists of a team of professionals with experience from the elite sports. Our goal is to let everyone use his or her full capacity. We do this by offering personal guidance. That more or less means that we tailor our services to your unique physique and life situation in order to achieve individual goals. That is why we are not only there to provide training, but also to give tips, Injury treatment and make personal running programs.

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