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About Running Solutions

Running Solutions is a sports/medical centre aimed at people who run in a wide range of sports. We help sportspeople develop an efficient, healthy style of running in order to keep the risk of injury to an absolute minimum. If you are injured, we will show you the fastest road to recovery. We do this for runners and sprinters, as well as for people practising team sports such as football, hockey, basketball, handball, netball and any other sport that involves running.

At Running Solutions, we approach each sportsperson on an individual, holistic basis. We review their overall running technique, history of injuries, work situation and any other factors, so that we can offer treatment or made-to-measure coaching specially designed for your physique and personal circumstances. Our mission is to get you running faster, more powerfully and with greater endurance. We will help you realise your full potential by improving your stability and technique and finding the root cause of any injuries you’ve sustained.

We believe that anyone can run without the risk of injury or pain, as long as they run correctly. Running Solutions is there to help. Come to us for treatment of injuries, a running gait analysis, group training sessions and made-to-measure running programmes.

Please contact us to make a reservation or arrange to meet us in person.